Wooden baby boys girls toy jigsaw puzzle


Animal traffic geometric shape pairing puzzle building block toy

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Wooden baby boys girls toy jigsaw puzzle

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This little puzzle is a baby’s intellectual enlightenment. Starting from a puzzle, through a simple image matching game, it helps to train children’s abilities and logical thinking skills. This product uses safe and environmentally friendly water-based paint, which is a bite water paint No fluorescing agent, no smell, reject BPA, let the baby have more fun, and parents are more at ease. In addition, this product uses thermal transfer technology, which is safe and does not fade.
Only to restore the “primary colors” of the health science, it is more professional for the baby’s color enlightenment. The laser cutting industry is adopted to outline the delicate edges and corners. The high-temperature density laser cutting material is used. The incision is narrow and the edges are smooth without burrs, which will not hurt the baby’s delicate hands.
Jigsaw puzzles feature multi-subject interpretations such as animal transportation, recognize the wonderful small world, and cut in with everyday contact, not only fun jigsaw puzzles, but also an encyclopedic version of the baby. Intimate graphics TIPS can help match finding easier, the puzzle base plate corresponds to the puzzle position, there is a corresponding graphic reminder, it is more convenient for the baby to identify and match, increase the sense of achievement of the baby when playing, learn while playing, arouse the interest of the baby, and have fun During the process, we constantly suggested the recognition of colors, shapes and letters, so as to gain interest in learning.


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Puzzle Style

Bear, Butterfly, Cruise / Ship, Duck, Elephant, Fish, Frog, Owl, Rockets, Submarine, Train


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