Rainbow Heart-Shaped Set


10PCS Rainbow Building Block

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Little Architect
Under different imagination, build a different rainbow world.

Rainbow Heart Blocks
Selected high-quality logs as raw materials, matched with healing colors, and seemingly irregular design, but full of imagination.

Balance The World
Find balance in irregular shapes

  • About fade
    Use environmentally friendly water-based paint instead of paint. Water-based paint uses water as a diluent. Therefore, water-based paint is more environmentally friendly than paint. Of course, there are losses and gains. There are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of water-based paint are slow drying and poor adhesion. Afraid of alcohol, you think it fades because the quality problem is definitely not good paint, that is because our thinking has been stuck in the stage of paint. Therefore, all wooden toys that use water-based paint should avoid water and alcohol. Even if you wipe it with a little damp paper towel or rag, the color may fade.
  • About scars
    The black spots and moths on the wood are not processed manually, and no chemical agent is added to prevent the natural oxidation of the wood! So the black spots and marks on the building blocks are not production errors and product defects. This is the finishing touch of nature!Scar wood grain is a normal natural phenomenon (mind to shoot carefully)
  • About wood grain
    This series of products are made of exposed wood grain technology, not uneven color! You can see wood grain, the growth texture and annual rings of natural trees, so that babies can get closer to understanding nature! This is the uniqueness of this product Place!Use open primer, non-uniform coloring!

-Enhancing hand-eye coordination
-Improve communication skills
-Developing thinking imagination
-High quality


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 27.5 × 52 cm
Age range

>3 years old



Puzzle Style

Rainbow Heart


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