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You need to know before buying children’s toys

Toys make an essential contribution to child development.

To ensure the best experience, for our children, keep in mind the following Toy Safety Tip.

The following part is quoted from “Toy Safety in the EU – Toy safety tips for consumers”

When choosing a toy

  • Read all warnings and instructions
  • Pay attention to age and safety advice-take it seriously.
  • Choose toys that are suitable for your child’s age, abilities and skills.


Toys that are not suitable for children’s specific age groups may harm children. Be sure to follow the age advice

Dangerous indication

Do not buy toys with removable small parts for children under 3 years old

Because these children tend to put toys in their mouths, they may suffocate on small parts.

After buying toys

  • Follow carefully the instructions for correctly assembling the toy and use it.
  • Keep the instructions and information packaged with the toy in a safe place.
  • Pay attention to children when they are playing Ensure that all toys are used as intended and suitable for the child’s age and abilities.
  • For certain toys-such as scooters, roller skates and bicycles-helmets and other safety equipment should always be worn.
  • Check toys from time to time for possible harm and affect health and children’s safety, Remove damaged toys immediately.
  • Remove all packaging and always keep the instructions.
  • Make sure that children do not play with plastic packaging, as this may cause suffocation.
  • Teach children to pack toys to avoid accidents, Do not leave toys on stairs or on the floor in busy areas of your home.
  • Always report toy safety issues us from which you purchased the toy.
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